You’re Newest Music Steaming Platform: Facebook

You’re Newest Music Steaming Platform: Facebook

It’s happened to everyone, right? You saw a Christmas montage video linked to your friends Facebook page and when you clicked on it, you saw it: the message “This video is unavailable.” This happened because your friend put a Taylor Swift song as the background music and until this month she was breaking copyright law.  Facebook has worked tirelessly to avoid copyright infringement, which has become a significant problem on social media sites. However, Facebook just signed a deal that will change the game. So, you won’t have to worry about missing out on all the things you missed over winter break.

Thanks to Facebooks new agreement with Sony/ATV, the largest music publisher in the world, you won’t have to deal with that any longer. Facebook just signed a multiyear, multi-territory licensing deal with Sony/ATV music that allows users of Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus to upload and share videos featuring songs from Sony/ ATV’s artists. This is a collection of three million works!  These three million online music pieces will be more accessible. With this deal, you will have access to music from not only Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, but also everyone from Blake Shelton to the Chainsmokers.

This deal is similar to a deal Facebook Struck with Universal Music Group, which has signed artists like Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes, in December of 2017. Under both of these agreements, UMG’s and Sony/ATV’s musicians can earn royalties when their music is streamed on Facebook Platforms. While the terms of this deal, aren’t public it can be expected that this deal will fight against copyright infringement and provide additional income to the artists, songwriters, and the trade body while giving the users access to the music and keeping those viral music videos from being removed. This is great for the artists because they get paid with every music stream and are getting free digital marketing. Everyone dealing with online marketing knows that social media is the key to a successful campaign, and with this new deal musician, with labels, just took one step closer to making millions.

UMG and Sony/ ATV are two out of the three major music companies in the business. The question on everyone’s mind is will Facebook strike a similar deal with the third major music company, Warner Music Group? If this happens virtually, every artists’ music will be available to users worldwide, and YouTube may face a major contender for the top online music video streaming platform.

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