Promoting Digital Marketing In The Music Industry

Promoting Digital Marketing In The Music Industry

The music industry is going through some change, and quickly. This is because music industries understand the need to change, and I’m not talking about the music. They get it’s a different time and it’s more virtual.

From record players to radio to Spotify, the way we listen to music and even promote music has completely gone digital. And since then, it has brought so many talented artists to the world. And although, the process is a little different, you can still trust the sound is the same.

So that leaves the question how does one promote digital marketing in the music industry? And most importantly, how is digital marketing changing the music industry?

What Is Digital Marketing In Music?
Marketing is how you would turn an artist into a star. In other words, it’s the act of promoting the artist’s talent and music to the fans. In the past, this was done through the use of radio stations, televisions, and press releases. However, in today’s world, everything has gone digital, and promoters are using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with music streaming sites like Pandora, Tidal, and Spotify, to name a few.

These are some of the ways digital marketing has changed the music industry. But the one online marketing strategy that is changing the way we listen to music is through:

Social Media Marketing
Living in a social media world has its benefits. Because when a music industry uses social media as a marketing tool it’s for the whole world to see. And with so many eyes watching, social media can allow for artists to become global superstars. Just look at Justin Bieber, Adele, or The Weekend. They all were discovered through the power of the internet.

Also, marketing through social media allows for fans to connect and follow their favorite artists. Fans have access to a celebrity’s Instagram or Twitter page and they can see what their lives are like on an everyday basis. Artists can also use their social media to let fans know when upcoming albums come out or when new songs are released. It’s a standard, if you’re a successful artist, then you dabble in social media marketing.

Social media marketing also is cheap to manage and offers a cost-effective solution for small bands trying to make a name. With just one post and the right amount of likes, artists can make their careers before it even starts.

Furthermore, no one relies on the tradition promotional strategies like word of mouth. Now, the only thing similar to that is if it’s being talked about or “shared” on Facebook and Instagram, and if you’re lucky, a hashtag.

Digital marketing is here to stay, and although it most certainly changed the music industry, it’s a huge opportunity for newbies everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube– with so many tools in front of them, there’s no telling what the music industry will look like another ten years from now.


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