Someone Hit The Pause Button

Someone Hit The Pause Button

Back in the 80’s, the music industry was terrified of taping. Artists assumed that listeners would just copy their music or record it from the radio. Luckily, that fear faded away like shoulder pads, and didn’t cause any real harm to anyone in the music business. People just feared that home taping would kill the music industry.

But now, there’s a new fear arising, concerning artist and big record labels around. The fear that technology is changing the way we purchase and listen to music.

Before, artists made their money from CD sales and records sales, but since everything and everyone has gone digital, those numbers are dwindling. It’s almost sad to say, but digital marketing technology is slowly destroying the music industry, and here’s how.

Sharing Music Online
“Sharing is caring,” but not when it comes to sharing music online. The music industry is taking a lot of hits lately, and I’m not talking about songs. The most terrifying thing is, the fact that there are services out there like Napster and AudioGalaxy, which allow people to share music over the internet without it costing a thing. This horrified the industry, but luckily, this is what slowly stopped tapes from being a threat.

Record Labels
So how is technology destroying the music industry? Well, by destroying record labels. Record labels are not as hype and prominent as they used to be. Moreover, record labels don’t offer as much as they use to. Artists, now are mostly self discovered and if they are part of a record label, it’s a well-known one with some money if its own keeping it in business.

Record labels used to have an important role in producing music, but again, for musicians that’s becoming something they can produce on their own, through software like Apple’s GarageBand. It’s not even that expensive either. Thanks to technology, producing music is cheaper than ever. Any Mac computer can end up being your very own recording studio, without the help of any professional.

In addition, once fans and the artists figure out they don’t need record labels to find new music, they become useless. Online streaming services are there to save the day with a whole system of artists, ranging from Hip-Hop to Pop to Classical.

In the end, there’s always going to be a high demand for music, as there has been for many years. So, with whatever way technology is going, it can’t completely destroy the music industry, not yet anyway.


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